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How many nappies do I need?

  • This depends entirely on you and how you want to use them. Are you aiming for one a day? Part-time. Full-time? Or just “give it a try and see how it goes.”?
    • There is nothing to say you can’t start with a single nappy, BUT my recommendation if want to give it a real go is to start with at least 3. That way you can start a real routine. 3 nappies allow for one on Bub, one in the wash and one on the line.
    • Pick a particular time of day – first nappy in the morning, after bath time, or after nap time, and use cloth for that nappy each day, and go from there.
    • If you are planning to do full-time cloth for one child, that can comfortably be achieved with 2 dozen nappies Helen – Butternut Baby
  • I usually recommend that people have around twenty nappies for full-time use, which gives plenty of back up while the others are in the wash.
    • If you’re only using during the day, then fifteen will probably be enough.
    • For occasional use, only when at home for example, then you might get away with around ten.
    • You only need one nappy to start using cloth, then you can build up your stash as you go. Kelly – Nappyneedz
  • The amount of nappies you need depends on how frequently you plan to wash them (we recommend every 1-2 days).
    • Whether you plan to use them full time or part-time, and of course the age of your baby (newborns tend to need more frequent changes).
    • As a general guideline, we suggest at least 10-15 for part-time use and 20-30 for full-time use. Priscilla – Clever Wee Fox

Can I use cloth nappies at daycare?

  • Yes, some daycare centres even provide their own.
    • As with anything communication is key, find out what your local daycare already does. Do they have children attending in cloth?
    • Take time to go in beforehand and show them the types of nappies you are using and how they work.
    • Some parents provide a snap chart, showing which snaps to use to get the best fit.
    • Ask what accessories they need? A wet bag for dirty nappies, or do they prefer a bucket for example? Kelly – Nappyneedz
  • ABSOLUTELY!! Of course, it pays to check with your daycare first, but generally speaking, most are happy to use cloth nappies.
    • We recommend choosing a simple style of cloth nappy for daycare such as velcro closure pocket nappies so it’s as easy as possible for them to use or there are some handy charts you can print to show which snap settings you are on if using snap closures. Priscilla – Clever Wee Fox
  • It is very rare to find a daycare these days that will not work with cloth nappies and there are some centres that use only cloth, and even have their own. But each centre is unique.
    • Talk to them and check if they have any specific rules. For example, some require the use of disposable liners.
    • Most require your nappies to be named. Helen – Butternut Baby

What are your essential accessories for using cloth nappies?

  • Wet bags and nappy pods for sure – both are handy for storing clean and dirty nappies in when you’re out and about or for daycare. 
    • A silicone brush (Kmart) & gloves – for easier cleaning of poopy nappies. 
    • A peg hanger – to hang inserts and nappies from inside or outside. Priscilla – Clever Wee Fox
  • Re-usable wipes/cloth wipes/washcloths…. whatever you call them, real, wet cloths, are simply SOOOO much better than disposables wipes, and if you are already using cloth nappies, super simple too.
    • My favourite way to use them is pre-wetted, in an old wet wipes container ready for use for bums, hands, faces, spills, etc. once you use them like this you will never go back. Helen – Butternut Baby
Help using cloth nappies washable wipes
  • You don’t need any accessories when it comes to cloth nappies, but there are a few things that are handy to have.
    • Wet bags are brilliant for keeping dirty nappies in when out and about.
    • Snappi fasteners are fantastic for flat and prefold nappies, far better than old fashioned nappy pins.
    • Washable wipes are a great alternative to disposable ones. Just wet them to use and then wash with your nappies. Kelly – Nappyneedz

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