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There are lots of New Zealand cloth nappy businesses out there. Some produce nappies themselves and stock their own brands, others stock a range of brands. There are also cloth nappy hire companies and laundry companies. Many of these companies will be offering discounts and giveaways during cloth nappy week.

Here’s an introduction to some of them. If you have a business that is related to cloth nappies and want to be involved or added to this page, please get in touch.


Nappyneedz Cloth Nappies

Home of the Dinky pocket nappy and Ecobots prefolds. For over ten years, Nappyneedz has been offering advice and information on all things cloth nappy related. Founded in 2010 by Kelly, she still runs the business today.

Our pocket nappy was designed and tested in New Zealand by kiwi parents and offers a great range of features. Ecobots prefolds have been around for over 15 years and have been loved by 1000’s of Kiwi parents. I used cloth nappies on all four of my children and I have over 14 years of experience with cloth nappies and 20 years of experience using reusable menstrual products.

All of our products are great value for money and very reliable. Nappyneedz for all your cloth nappy needs.

River and Bee

Hey I’m Helen, mama of 2 and owner of River & Bee. We offer a range of reusable nappies sure to take you all the way through from newborn to potty training. A finalist in the Oh Baby! Awards 2022 for Best Cloth Nappy Brand, River & Bee is much loved by families across New Zealand.

Our range includes our popular 2.0 Nappies which fit from approximately 3.5-20kg and are packed with all the must have features to make your cloth journey a breeze, as well as our new pull-up nappies which sold out in record time on release and our new newborn nappies which I designed and released just in time for the birth of my daughter last year. We also have plenty of other products to help make your cloth journey easier, including wetbags, pods, reusable wipes and swim nappies.

I’m always down for a chat and happy to help if you have any issues with anything (fit, leaks, wash routines etc). I love helping people get into cloth and making it work!


Oragene is a New Zealand family-owned and operated business focussed on providing the highest quality disinfection and cleaning products to keep your family safer. With a mission to protect your family and our environment, our products are tough on germs, viruses and fungi while being kind to surfaces, and also completely biodegradable, hence friendly to the environment.

Butternut Baby

Butternutbaby is a small NZ company, with a passion for ensuring people have a good cloth nappy experience.
One part of that is designing a product range that is both good to look at and practical to use and just as important is education & advice.
After 3 children, 7 grandchildren and years as a childcarer, I have changed more than my share of nappies and tried every kind there is.
With that in mind, I choose to use bamboo charcoal poly fleece lining in Butternut nappies. From experience, I find it washes better than any others I have tried and makes the best stay-dry barrier between babies skin and absorbent layers.
Come see our range of unique print nappies and made in NZ accessories on our website or in person at our workshop/showroom in Riverhead or contact me anytime for advice or troubleshooting.

Chubby Cheeks

Hi! I’m Erica, cloth bum mum of 3 and owner of Chubby Cheeks. Chubby Cheeks offers a range of eco-choices for parents, starting from reusable nappies and accessories to a variety of eco-friendly alternatives for your parenting journey and your home. I have an extensive range of NZ cloth nappy brands available as well as a few from Australia with more being added regularly.
I love sharing my knowledge with others and helping parents along their own unique cloth journeys.


Kekoa are New Zealand’s original flexible stretch wing cloth nappy and designer of a global first bilayer technology pocket nappies. They are one of the easiest nappies to fit, giving your baby the freedom to move and explore their world. With forgiving wings, padded leg elastics and double back gusset, they not only function perfectly, but each tells a unique story with collections designed by New Zealand artists.
Our premium nappies feature PUL made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, are lusciously soft, and most of all incredibly absorbent. We offer newborn nappies from preemie 2kg through to 7kg and our one-size has additional settings to carry you from 3kg through to toilet training at 19kg. Our core range features a one-size nappy from 3.5-16kg and soon to have a new large addition to carry you through longer. 
Kekoa is eco-luxury for the modern parent.

Clever Wee Fox

Hi! I’m Priscilla. I’m the face behind Clever Wee Fox. I live with my Hubby and our 3 boys in the beautiful Wairarapa.  

At Clever Wee Fox, I’ve focused on creating a good quality but also an affordable range of eco-friendly products. We have a wide range of products stocked in our online store, not only from our own brand but also from other top NZ and Aussie brands. This allows us to have virtually every style of cloth nappy available – AIO, AI2, snap-in, pockets, fitteds, prefolds and more!! We aim to be a one-stop-shop to save you on shipping from different sites as we have all the essential items for mums and babies and are constantly adding to our range.  I’m always happy to help new parents get into using cloth nappies and other eco-friendly products so feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Cheeky Naps

Cheeky Naps is NZ’s cloth nappy subscription box service. I launched Cheeky Naps in July 2020 and have been enjoying curating boxes for customers. The element of surprise is always enjoyed along with subscriber benefits of being the first to receive brand new prints and sometimes new products.
My boxes are a fun way to discover new cloth nappies, build your stash and make lovely gifts for other parents. With ongoing, prepaid as well as one-off boxes available there is something to suit everyone and no fixed contracts! Come join the fun and discover a different cloth nappy each month along with other eco-goodies. Erica x

Cheeky naps

Chirpy Cheeks

Hi everyone, my name is Yen, a mum of three. I started using cloth in 2014 with my second child and started Chirpy Cheeks then. We are still using cloth with my youngest son who is on the autism spectrum. I love using cloth and want to share this with everyone, hoping that more families would embrace sustainability and the love for our environment. We have a range of affordable reusable products at Chirpy Cheeks such as cloth nappies, swim nappies, training pants, inserts, mama pads, wet bags, nappy pods, and a lot more. We stock Alva Baby, Mama Koala, Minimi, Bubblebubs, Fluffy Ducks, and more. With more than 7 years of experience, I always welcome new cloth mums to ask questions, and to help them have a successful cloth nappy journey.

Nappy Mojo

We are Nappy Mojo, New Zealand Cloth Nappy Hire Specialists, and have been providing all-inclusive hire packs to families in New Zealand for the last 6 years. Our hire packs allow families to try out a huge range of brands and styles of cloth nappies whilst receiving intensive support and advice.  No more researching requiring! Once our customers have hired, we help with the process to buy nappies which will be loved for years to come. No more buyers regret! I am Shannon, sometimes a NICU nurse, but now 6 years into my business, cloth nappies are my full-time job and I am still just as passionate about them and all the wonderful people who choose to give them a go. 

Fluffy Ducks

Fluffy Ducks was born with a mission to make cloth easy, giving you everything you need for your cloth nappy journey from the start. Our unique design allows our nappy to fit from Newborn (approx. 2.9kg) right up to toilet training – approx 17kg. Designed by me, Sheree – owner and founder of Fluffy Ducks, and tested on my two boys. A design made for use on my boys for fun, has now turned into a business, allowing me to bring up my boys.

We have become a much-loved household name and I pride myself on customer service, offering fit checks and assistance throughout your entire cloth nappy journey.  It takes a village..….and I am here to help 😊

Bear and Moo

Being a parent is a wonderful, relentless, exciting, exhausting thing, trust me I know. There are endless amounts of choices and decisions to be made every single day.
That’s why, when I (Hannah) started Bear and Moo in 2018, it was intentionally created to be a space that was real and honest. I wanted parents to have access to information and feel free to explore options without feeling overwhelmed. I know that everyone needs access to different kinds of things as they progress through parenthood, so our online retail store has something for every stage of the journey.
At Bear and Moo, we aren’t just a retail store, we are a community of parents, from all around the world who love and appreciate the important things about parenthood, things like simplicity, authenticity, accessibility and fun.

Fudgey Pants

Fudgey Pants – NZ Premium Cloth Nappies and accessories. Est. 2017 Designed for performance – We have now developed our range to include almost every type of cloth nappy available to suit individual children’s needs, families budgets and preferences as they transition through the different toileting requirements from birth to overnight toilet training. We also have one of the largest selections of absorbency options available to ensure the best chance of success. Just ask us how?!?

Eco Baby Wanaka

Hi Guys, I’m Rachael and I run Eco Baby Wanaka. We are a cloth nappy hire and laundering business based here in beautiful Wanaka. We offer hire subscriptions of quality cloth nappies which include a bin for storage, 50 nappies, three pickups and drops off every week, taking away your dirty nappies and replacing them with clean ones every time, so you get to do your bit in reducing waste, without having to do the dirty work. Its also a really good way to figure out if cloth nappies are right for your family, without having to spend the initial outlay in purchasing, OR worrying about the laundry.   We also offer services of laundering your own cloth nappies, and one-off washes and sanitizes if you’re here camping, on holiday, or living the #vanlife !


Chuckles cloth nappies

Chuckles was born just over a year ago when Joyce (owner) had her first baby and was looking for nappy alternatives. As the first NZ business to bring in Athletic Jersey material as the main lining in the nappies, the Prima Range has been hugely successful from newborn to school-aged children. Although designed for day use, due to their highly absorbent inserts, they have also been very successful for many as overnight nappies. Today Chuckles has a wide range of other products to help families make more reusable choices and to make them easily. With lots of helpful ideas and information, Chuckles is bringing the fun to nappy change times through exclusive prints, game-changing designs and lots of laughter and support.


Hi I’m Emma. I discovered cloth napping with my first child and participated in cloth nappy week in 2013. I am the new owner of Ecobubs. Ecobubs was founded in 2007. We are known for our sized wool pocket nappy. The fabric is milled and made here in New Zealand. Ecobubs has grown to include OSFM and PUL nappies. All our nappies and inserts will be made right here in Aotearoa. We look forward to bringing out wetbags, pods, a front snapping nappy and newborn nappies in the next year. 


For the Burrow

For the Burrow was born out of a need to be creative, as a new mum I was looking for opportunities to keep me busy and wanted to provide quality products with comfort and affordability in mind. We love our nappy style and think we’ve created a perfect – middle of the road nappy for any cloth nappy user. The nappies are functional and affordable and come with an excellent cotton/bamboo insert as standard. We spend a huge amount of time making sure customers are happy and well informed, we love customer feedback and love to chat with families about how cloth can work for them, just flick us a message! We also sell other baby / Mama products to make the journey through growing a young family a little more fun, we are always adding to our range and insist on only stocking products that we have used and loved in our own home.

Little Genie

Little Genie is a New Zealand owned company invented by two eco-conscious dads in 2008 ago who spent years developing their biodegradable nappy pants, baby wipes and nursing pads. They were one of the first in the world to use bamboo which is a natural antiseptic to create biodegradable safe environmentally friendly baby products that avoid the nasty chemicals.
Little Genie started with their Reusable Range of Bamboo Charcoal Pocket Nappy 2019. It has Double Leak Guards and is a One-Size-Fit-Most thanks to the elastic waist and adjustable snaps. The outside is made from 100% waterproof PUL. The Charcoal is infused to the Bamboo Insert Booster and inner layer using Nano-Technology. This enhances the breathability making it easier on sensitive skin. Bamboo Charcoal is a Quick Dry fabric that has superior absorption and deodorizing abilities. It regulates the temperature keeping it dry and help prevent nappy rash. It can be washed numerous time without loosing the Charcoal qualities.

Widdle Woollies

Hi, I’m Tara the maker behind Widdle Woollies.I create unique handmade woollen nappy covers made from 100% upcycled wool. As a full-time wool diapering mum, I love using this amazing natural fibre for my children as it’s an eco-friendly and sustainable option with so many benefits.
Wool is water-resistant, breathable and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in excess moisture plus keeps baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool is antibacterial, antimicrobial, odour-resistant and can magically self-clean so there’s no need for regular washing on a daily basis. This beautiful natural fibre is a great option for heavy wetting babies, little ones with eczema, skin sensitivities and can be used both day and night.


Haere mai. Tēnā koutou! I am Kelly from Minimi, a māmā of 2, based in Otautahi (Christchurch), and whakapapa to the Ōnuku and Wairewa regions, a part of Ngāi Tahu. My focus has been to fill a niche in the market for nappies that fit for longer and have beautiful NZ artist custom prints. 
Our pocket/AI2 nappies are a custom copyrighted design that has been developed to fit from under 4kg to over 21kg. That’s from Newborn to School Age! For a nappy that not only fits a wide weight range but also can be used comfortably at night, the Minimi™ nappy is surprisingly trim. 
The combination of the larger, super-absorbent inserts and the unique nappy gives a real value for money nappy solution for as long as you need them.


Sassy Pants from Looloo

Sassy Pants are nappies for the brave, carefree adventurers who live life to the full. These nappies are inspired by the thumb suckers, the daisy pickers, the mischief-makers; who brighten a room with their smile.

The Sassy Pants Nappy Lovers Club is an inspiring community empowering parents to remain true to what they are passionate about and what they want for their kids. 

We stand with parents who are the game changers, the ones who boldly dare to defy the norm of our throw-away culture. Those who want more money in their pocket and less impact on the environment. 

Sassy Pants are cloth nappies your way.  Use them once a day or all the time. It’s up to you. No guilt, no regrets, no rules. 

Grab our getting started with cloth nappy guide here


Jubel – making nappy changes fun since 2020

At Jubel, we love a good looking nappy. Jubel patterns are eye catching custom designs to satisfy your craving for bright and beautiful things. Combine that with the super-easy fit and great absorbency and you’ve got an epic nappy that functions well and sparks a lot of joy.

Cloth nappies are really simple, eco- and budget friendly, but they’re more than that – they take the mundane task of changing a nappy and turn it into a fun and enjoyable part of your day. 

If you’ve been considering going the reusable route, all I can say is: DO IT. Now. It’s never too late, and you will LOVE it.

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